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Sleep Apnea and TMJ Treatments from Your Gentle, Caring Gilroy Dentist

Sleep apnea and TMJ are two common health conditions that your dentist may be able to identify and treat. Leaving these conditions untreated can lead to serious health disorders and disruptions in your daily life. Learn more about these conditions below, and visit a qualified and experienced dentist if you are experiencing symptoms of sleep apnea or TMJ. In Gilroy, call Lowell O. Tan, DDS at for a thorough examination and thoughtful and effective treatment plan.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea and snoring can do more than just keep you and your partner from getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep apnea sufferers are at risk for serious medical problems that can even be fatal if not diagnosed and treated. These conditions include heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Additionally, not getting a full night’s restful sleep can cause you to be less alert during the day, putting you at a greater risk of accidents at home, at work or on the road.

While there are many causes of sleep apnea, oral health issues are often to blame. Dr. Lowell Tan has had success identifying and treating sleep apnea in his patients. Your dentist is often the first healthcare professional to notice indications you may be suffering from sleep apnea. Tooth grinding, technically known as bruxism, is often a sign of sleep apnea. Tooth grinding is also a dangerous behavior in and of itself. Grinding down the teeth can lead to cavities and even cause a tooth to break, and also cause gums to become inflamed or recede.

Dr. Tan workers with an interdisciplinary team of colleagues to get you into a better breathing position and relieve your sleep apnea symptoms. A custom-made night guard or other oral appliance can also help stop teeth grinding and improve air flow while you sleep. If your snoring is a problem, or if you wake up fatigued or with a dry, sore throat, be sure and mention your concerns when you come to us for a check-up. We’ll take special care if we believe sleep apnea may be an issue, and we’ll be sure to address your needs in your comprehensive dental treatment plan.


Do you experience pain in your jaw, close to your ear where the jawbone meets the cheekbone? You may be experiencing a problem with the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. When the joint or muscles in this area get inflamed, you may experience pain and discomfort, as well as difficulty chewing or moving your lower jaw. Some people experience a clicking or locking of the jaw when they try to move it.

There are typically many treatment options available to relieve the inflammation in your TMJ, even if your condition is chronic. Dr. Lowell O. Tan conducts a thorough screening and examination to evaluate your condition and prescribe the best course of treatment.

Always on the cutting edge of modern dentistry, Lowell O. Tan, DDS utilizes the Cadiax Mandibular Recording Device to diagnose your TMJ and get a clear picture of any problems you may be experiencing. This state-of-the-art device uses magnetic technology to record biomechanical movements of the TMJ and reveal any anomalies. When skillfully used by an expert practitioner like Dr. Tan, the Cadiax machine is useful in diagnosing and recommending a treatment plan for you TMJ.

Get Help with All Your Oral health Needs in Gilroy

For help with sleep apnea, TMJ or any other oral health concerns in Santa Clara County, call Lowell O. Tan, DDS at 408-842-5805 to schedule a visit with a caring and professional Gilroy dentist. We bring the world of dentistry to you.

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